Global Research Network on Peaceful Change (GRENPEC) Conversations on Peaceful Change – an interview series with leading scholars on change

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Dr. G. John Ikenberry on Liberal Internationalism and World Order

Dr. Deborah W. Larson on Chinese and Russian Status Quests

An Interview with Dr. John E. Mueller: War, Peace and the American Foreign Policy



T.V. Paul

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T.V. Paul’s ISA Presidential Address, Atlanta, March 17, 2016


John A. Hall

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The Gellner Lecture 2016 – Jewish Conditions, Theories of Nationalism: John Hall


Vincent Pouliot

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Vincent Pouliot’s interview with the Duck of Minerva. Podcast


Frédéric Mérand

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Frédéric Mérand on CETA and Canada’s strategic partnership with Europe

Grèce : entrevue avec Frédéric Mérand, du CÉRIUM


Sarah-Myriam Martin-Brulé

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Sarah-Myriam Martin-Brule: Peacekeeping Missions: How to Measure Success (and Failure)?